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  1. i have a model of a 3 masted ship that has been in my family for about60yrs. it needs some repair which beyond my capibilities. the ship is about 22″ from bow to stern, it is about 29″ from keel to top of main mast. it is a 3masted man of war with 20 canon. the ship is wood and was hand carved, i don’t know how old it is. i would like to see it go to someone who could repair it and be somewhere that people can see& admireit. i live in Loveland if any one would be interested in having this ship please contact me.thank you. Guy DeZanet

  2. Guy: Thanks for your comment and offer. May I invite you to bring your model to a meeting of Rocky Mountain Shipwrights where 20 or more members can view it. Then someone might offer to do the repair. We meet every third Saturday at Rocklers Woodworking and Hardware, 2553 S. Colorado Blvd. I will also ask our skipper to mention your comment at the next meeting if you can’t make that one.

  3. I recently met one of your members at Pres St Lukes and enjoyed our visit. I am also ship model builder from western Nebraska. If anyone has pictures of completed Flying fish I would love to see them. I would also like to see the ships he has completed. Sounds like good club

  4. I am with the NJ Ship Model Society and NRG and noticed Daniel Siemens 3-D printed wargame ships. I have made traditional lead and paper models of the same in the past. Any way to find out more about the 3-D printed ships? Are they commercial or Daniel’s creation?

  5. Dear Rocky Mountain Shipwrights,
    I would like to inquire of your members if any of them knows where I could obtain pre-formed oars (for a galley I am building from scratch) about 5 to 6 inches in length? Thank you!

    • Brad: I asked our membership at our regular meeting if anyone had a source of 5″ oars. After a couple of jokes about members knowing which streets Denver’s “Oars” patrolled, one guy said to telephone Blue Jacket and see of they might sell you just the oars that come with a kit they sell. Their website is http://www.bluejacketinc.com/

      That’s the best we could come up with.

      Martin Jelsema, Clerk

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